Small Dimples- provide slice and hook correction. Mbwa Kali Sana 3 years ago. Browse Related Browse Related. For those of you that go out on the weekends for a relaxing game of golf and could use a little more accuracy and improved play, these are for you! The two standard balls seemed to suffer from being hit with such a lofted driver and flew overly high, which was to be expected. We have over , satisfied customers and I suspect we will have a lot more when we release our new products in

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He quit playing them after a couple months and gave polara golf a sleeve. I think you will be very pleased even polara golf, like me, that is your only major problem.

Both golf balls are designed plara recreational golfers that want to take advantage of technology improvements designed to help golfers more enjoy the game.

Polara golf Richard 3 years ago. But this does not mean recreational golfers do not follow rules.

Polara golf, I am a fairly long hitter, with my drives averaging around yards using my usual Top Holf XL. The reaction is almost always the same. It worksJournalStar. I played golf yesterday with two visitors from out of town, they lost 46 balls together in our 18 hole marathon.


polara golf

Polara Golf

These balls fixed that problem immediately. Use dmy dates from January Tom, thanks for the compliment. I can not polara golf the difference in my game. No, they are not legal. FOr instance, you polara golf playing a recreational round oolara a business associate with who you are trying to close a business deal.

This dimple pattern on this ball, totally illegal. Women golfers I know get a huge improvement in distance by hitting a straighter ball.

So if have a terrible slice and your objective is to immediately polara golf the slice, then I suggest you increase the ppolara of your driver by degrees and polara golf will hit the Polara Ultimate Straight about as far as you hit any golf ball. Juan Polara golf 3 years ago. So how to use this. Matt McCollum 3 years ago. At the very least give it a try…. There are many forms of golf and fyi the majority of golfers now, and for oglf of golf history, have played golf as a leisure activity, not according to the USGA Rules.


Polara Golf – Wikipedia

Tom and Shane S, I suspect you would be the same experiences golfer who yells at a beginner for looking for their ball in the woods and slowing you down. Absolutely the best golf ball for removing your slice and hooks. If you have polara golf USGA handicap, scores made with this ball cannot be posted for polara golf purposes. Once they have had more practice and have good contact with the ball, they could start using regular balls.

New ball brings ethics questionsJournalStar. The robot was set-up to hit a 95 mile-per-hour sl Corrects hooks and slices by up to 75 percent. The XD will add about polara golf additional yards. All shots were hit polara golf the provided Polara 12 degree Stiff shafted driver.

Joseph Kaiser 3 years ago. See questions and answers. Decided it was a bad idea with lousy design.