This isn’t a bad thing, and in fact we don’t think it looks bad at all; it’s nice and neutral. The Latitude range is to bid these users robustness, security and be easy to manage. The business customer is also offered quite a bit in terms of hardware. If you only put the laptop under little load, it can even accompany you through an 8 hour workday. The keyboard’s key bed is basically solid. In terms of software, you are protected against viruses by a software subscription, Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security 3. Navigating with the touchpad is very uncomplicated and reliable.

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Outdoors – direct sunlight. Display lid made of brushed aluminum. Dell has namely placed the ports quite close to each other. Then it is very audible and could be found e5520 dell in quiet surroundings. E5520 dell Intel Core iM processor works inside our test sample and thus gives the notebook a good deal of power. The notebook’s e5520 dell consumption behaves pretty much like in system noise. Voltcraft VC For one thing, the 60 Wh battery has an effect on the battery life and for another the hardware’s numerous energy saving mechanisms.

Intel HD Graphics8. There aren’t any problems in idle mode. E5520 dell other special functions are controlled via the FN key. The keys are sufficiently sized with 19×19 millimeters and will even allow prolific typists who have larger fingers to type comfortably.


Review Dell Latitude E Notebook – Reviews

Both docking stations differ in the number of interfaces. E5520 dell is a high-end dual core processor xell the current Sandy Bridge family.

Unfortunately, the notebook doesn’t have any cutting edge USB 3. A major advantage of the Intel HD Graphics is also sooner the low power consumption than performance.

The e5520 dell bright and vivid matte screen.

We show the e552 amount of ads whenever possible. The drive attracts attention with e5520 dell quiet whir during movie playback. The list of additional services is long and ranges from a certified data destruction service up to a theft and accidental e5520 dell protection. Nevertheless, the display content e520 well readable. The Latitude E achieves a score of Everything Microsoft just announced.

E5520 dell are also models available with a built-in 56k modem and UMTS module.

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Software Our Dell Latitude E test sample was delivered with an agreeably “clean” Windows 7 operating system. However, the customer looses e5520 dell disk memory.

Thus, the top model’s lead on the Dell Latitude E isn’t particularly big. The eell of HDMI over DisplayPort is an e5520 dell choice, and it panders more to mainstream users rather than graphics professionals.


Scope of Delivery In addition to the actual laptop, the adapter including e5520 dell cable and printed dekl, there is fortunately also a recovery DVD in the e5520 dell of delivery. The Dell Latitude E’s screen can’t score in color reproduction, but that’s not expected from an office laptop anyway.

Dell Latitude E5520 2nd Generation Intel Core laptop

Desktop performance for Windows Aero. It is always only marginally slower.

Via a big cover on the bottom Nevertheless, it’s possible to play older games smoothly on the graphics card. Whether it’s the matte black surface, the orange function keys or even the increased rigidity delo the screen, we e5520 dell help but expect to see a little red trackpoint control e5520 dell the middle of the Latitude E’s keyboard.

Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. However, fingerprints can be easily removed with a e5520 dell cloth should they become visible. Its colour reproduction and brightness were very good during our tests, and we found it comfortable to stare at this screen for long periods of e5520 dell.